Basics of Voter ID Card (India)

What is Voter ID Card  ?

Indian Voter ID card, also known as Electoral Photo ID Card (EPIC) is an Identity card issued by Election Commission of India to be used as an identity proof while casting vote. Voter ID card also serves as Address proof, general identity proof for Indian citizen. Due to wide reach of Voter ID card it is accepted and used in all Government and non government organization, for availing services such as telephone connection. Even home ministry and finance ministry accepts Voter ID card while application of passport, PAN card.

A voter ID (EPIC) card does not guarantee the possessor to be a valid voter. To cast vote your name must be in the voter list.

Basics of Voter ID Card (India)

How to get Voter ID Card

Voter ID Card is issued to Indian citizen who attained the age of 18. voter ID card can be obtained round the year by applying Online and offline. You need to submit filled up Form-6 with required ID proofs. The online and offline process and date, and place are different for different Indian state. Visit this for step by step Voter ID Card application guide.

Requirement for Voter ID Card

One need to fulfill the following requirements to get a Voter ID (EPIC) Card

  • He/She need to be an Indian Citizen
  • He/She must be of Age 18 or higher
  • He/She must not be mentally sick
  • He/She must not be bankrupt
  • He/she must possess residential proof and citizenship proof (for some border state)

How Voter ID Card Looks

Sample Voter ID Card
Sample Voter ID Card

A Voter ID Card is a black and white laminated, credit card sized piece of paper containing Photograph,EPIC no, Date of Birth, Address of the holder, name of the legislative assembly, security hologram and signature of the issuing authority.

Election commission of India is planning to roll out color version of Electoral Photo ID Card, and current black and white cards will be phased out gradually.

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