Guide to Apply & Get Duplicate Voter ID card online

This article will guide you to apply and get duplicate Voter ID card online if your original Voter ID card is damaged/lost

Voter ID card is a very important document for our daily life, and for most of the Indians. It’s one among three mostly used ID proof (Voter ID card, Aadhar card and Ration card). Voter ID card serves as a proof of citizenship, hence this document become essential for traveling. Voter ID card is issued by the office of Election commission of India to every eligible Indian citizen aging 18 years or more. Read more about Voter ID card basics.

Guide to Apply and Get Duplicate Voter ID card online

Why you should get Duplicate Voter ID card

As stated above, Voter ID card is an important document, though now a day Voter ID card is not mandatory for casting vote (Any Govt. issued valid photo ID proof will do the job), but in most of the cases people don’t have the option to use other photo ID proof due to lack of awareness. Best and easiest solution is to apply for a duplicate voter ID card. It’s fairly straightforward and easy way to repossess this valuable document. You can either apply for a duplicate voter ID card online or in nearest regional Election Commission of India office. After verifying your documents, they will issue a duplicate one.

Documents needed to apply for Duplicate Voter ID card

These are the documents you need during Duplicate Voter ID card application.

  • A copy of your FIR/missing report
  • If your Voter ID card is damaged/mutilated then damaged one should be returned along with Form 002
  • Form 002 which you can find at regional EC office. You can also download and print Form 002
  • Proof of your Identity (Aadhar card, PAN card, Passport, Driving license)
  • EPIC no, Part no and serial no if possible

Step by step guide to Apply for a Duplicate Voter ID Card

Step 1: As soon as you lost your Voter ID card, file an FIR/missing report in nearest police station, it’s mandatory. After filing the missing report keep missing report copy for further proceeding. If you are applying to replace your damaged/mutilated copy then FIR is not required, though you need to return the damaged voter ID card with the application.

Step 2: Now you can fill up the form 002 either online or offline. You can fill up the form 002 in your regional election commissioners website or you can download, print and fill up the same.

Step 3: Completely fill up form 002 with your true details. don’t try to mess with form 002 as your submitted details will be verified in the next process.

Step 4: In this step submit your printed (in case of online application)/filled up form 002 along with FIR copy, ID proof and other necessary documents to nearest regional Election commissioner office (most of the time in nearest SDO office premises).

Step 4: Pay Required Rs. 25 and the representative will provide you a receipt with application no. You can now check the status of your duplicate Voter ID card online

How much time it takes to issue a Get Duplicate Voter ID card ?

In most of the cases duplicate voter ID cards are issued in the same day, but it may take longer depending on work load. If you are applying for a duplicate one just before election or during a voter list inclusion drive it may take up to 1 week or more.

You must submit all required document along with form 002, if you fail to do so duplicate voter ID card will not be issued. So prepare the documents before submitting the application form.

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